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Horse shop Jacosa Since 1 February 2016 we launched an online Web store with handmade rope articles such as rope halters, reins, leadropes, neckropes, composite advantage sets and more. Also for children, we make beautiful doodads such as bracelets, necklaces, key chains, Springs clips etc. The name Jacosa was formed from the initials of our horses Jadd, Cochise and Savannah. The proceeds from the sold items go largely to medication, supplements, veterinary bills, farrier etc. because all 3 the horses have extra care needed. Especially Jadd, a 23 year old ex racehorse, trundling along for years with serious health problems. After a comprehensive blood test shows he the incurable to have Cushing's disease which means that expensive supplements for the rest of his life he needs to take to keep the disease under control. Cochise then has been a chronic allergy for which he constantly has to take medication and supplements. Also Savannah gets supplements administered to her dust allergy.

Jessi Baeten

 Note: Jadd died on 26 January 2017 as a result of an unfortunate accident on the Meadow